Monday, March 14, 2011

Harry Potter Stamps!

The Royal Mail has launched Harry Potter stamps!


I'm not sure when or where they will appear! But all my hidden British friends please send me some! :D


barmybex said...

I'm in UK, they are 0.82pence on the royal mail website with £1.45 postage.
If you want me to get you some I can, but you would need you to pay me for them and then postage to you. could do this through paypal.
email me at if you want to order some.

Lu said...

Thanks so much for the offer! I actually went on the Royal Mail website and was able to order myself some :D

Thanks again!!

BookGeek said...

Oh you lucky lucky animal. I wonder if the US has the same stamps? *crosses fingers*

Lu said...

I'm sure you can also order it online :D

mas-setiawan said...

for the information,
Indonesia (PT Pos Indonesia) joint with Warner Bross Entertainment,launched four Series Harry Porter Minisheet in 2007.

mas-setiawan said...

harry potter series from Indonesia. click

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