Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Favorite Harry Potter covers for book 3

There are tons of different Editions (will post about them soon) out there. I wanted to make a post about my favorite cover for each of the HP books. It proved more difficult that I predicted and so now I'm going to ask for some help.

Book 1's post and poll
Book 2's post and poll 

Here are my 3 favorite book 3 covers. Which one do you think deserves to win?

1) Spanish Edition      2) Dutch; Flemish Edition     3)Finnish Edition


Nina B. said...

I love the Spanish edition best :D

And by the way, I gave you the Memetastic Award on my blog. I hope you like it :D

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That Book Lady said...

My husband is just now getting into Harry Potter (I know, its taken me 7 years!)...I told him about your collection of editions, and we both thought it was one of the coolest things ever!

Lu said...

Aww thanks :) It sure is fun to collect them (expensive tho) :)

Anonymous said...

Finnish edition all the way!

Kat said...

I actually have the Spanish edition (I'm studying for the Spanish SAT test the Harry way), and really love the cover-- it's so fun! It must be cool for you to read the Afrikaans and English editions and be able to compare them. (I have fun with the Spanish translations and am nowhere near fluent.) :)

Lu said...

That's so great that you have the Spanish Edition and that you are learning that way :)

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